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We Can Program Fobs For Any Make and Model Automobile

a selection of car key fobs, remotes, and remote head keys

We can program, repair, and replace car key fobs, remotes, and remote head keys for all makes and models.

If you have a high-tech key fob that needs replacement, repair or service of any kind, including duplication, LockTech is here to help you out. We are a local Biloxi, MS, mobile locksmith offering programming services for car remotes and remote head keys. We work with all different types of keys, and we’re available on short notice when you need us. Give LockTech a call today for same day service.

What is a Car Key Fob?

Key fobs, sometimes called remote key heads and car remotes, are electronic controls that allow keyless entry for modern cars and trucks. Sometimes they’re separate units, like little remote controls, that you keep on your keychain. Other models are integrated into the head of the car key itself, which is why they’re sometimes called remote head keys.

How Do Key Fobs Work?

Remote key fobs work by emitting an invisible pulse of light that your car can sense. Most remotes work on a frequency of 300Mhz-320Mhz. When you press one of the buttons on the key fob, the car’s onboard computer does what you signaled for it to do. This can vary with the model, from super simple lock/unlock signals to more sophisticated alarm triggers, remote starts and trunk opening signals. Some key fobs get very complex, which is why LockTech only employs licensed, certified and fully insured locksmiths who have a solid grounding in the technology of remote key fobs.

Key Fob Services We Offer

There isn’t much that your key fob needs that LockTech’s trained auto locksmiths can’t help you with. Every call is unique, but in general, your electronic car remote occasionally needs:

  • Key fob programming, so it works with your car and doesn’t interfere with others’ remote signals
  • Key fob replacement, in case yours is ever lost or broken
  • Key fob battery replacement, which doesn’t usually have to be done often, but older fobs can run low on power and need a change sometimes

It’s a good idea to get replacement key fobs programmed by professionals who can guarantee their work since these can be somewhat complicated pieces of equipment. For the same reason, you might want to leave the business of taking the key fob apart and changing out its battery to a qualified auto locksmith who you can be sure won’t damage the sensitive wires and circuit boards inside your car remote.

Local Locksmiths in Biloxi, MS

LockTech is the most capable auto locksmith offering professional key fob service to car and truck owners all over the Biloxi, Mississippi area. Our 100-percent mobile service can come to where you’re at in the Gulf Coast region and get your key fob repaired, reprogrammed or replaced in a hurry. All our work is licensed, insured and guaranteed to be up to rigorous professional standards, so you have peace of mind that the work was done the way it needs to be. Call us at 228-265-3985 to request a quote for our key fob service, or fill out our online contact form to ask a question of a certified auto locksmith today.

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